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Automate Revenue Recognition Guidance from FASB & IASB and support Dual Reporting to transition from ASC 605 to ASC 606 or IFRS 15.



End to End automation of Revenue Recognition from CRM Opportunities -> Contracts -> Orders -> Billing and Forecasting.



An integrated approach that provides detailed real-time visibility at every step in the revenue recognition process with clear Audit Trail.



RESTful API’s to integrate with ERP’s like Oracle, NetSuite, SAP, Zuora, Workday, Microsoft Dynamics AX, and sales commissions applications..                    



Automate unique revenue models across multiple industries like Licenses, SaaS, Contracts accounting, Usage-based, and Projects.



A system that can be configured to adapt new Revenue models without re-engineering the system and expensive implementation fees.

RevSym can handle the most complex requirements around Contract Modifications, Contingency Events, and Variable Consideration.
RevSym Dashboard

Configuration-rich platform

100% automation is achieved through a configuration-rich platform. The UI is very intuitive and the Revenue Accounting team can configure the Revenue Policies independently.

Cost Saving

IT and Revenue team can implement RevSym with the help of only one Subject Matter Expert from the RevSym Implementation team.

Design Thinking

We use Design Thinking Principles and integrate the needs of the Revenue team with the possibilities of the RevSym platform.
RevSym is useful across your entire Revenue organization.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Some of our customers are live in production and some are in the implementation phase. Please contact us at info@revsym.com and we will be happy to arrange a reference call with any of them. All our customers are referenceable.

RevSym has been built with a cloud-first strategy. We offer multiple cloud deployment options – private and public. It can also be deployed on-premise and can integrate with on-premise ERP.

Your IT team can implement the software with help from a subject matter expert from RevSym. Else, one of our implementation partners along with RevSym’s implementation team will implement the software in collaboration with your IT and Revenue team. Our goal is to empower the client’s team to execute the project.

RevSym is hosted on Amazon EC2 and complies with SOC 2  certification.

RevSym pricing is based on a subscription model. It is a predictable model based on the value that the software helps your business. Please reach us at sales@revsym.com and we will be happy to explain our pricing model.

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