RevSym Product Overview
RevSym is a software platform that is an End-To-End Revenue Recognition Automation software

How It Works

RevSym has created an efficient platform to collect data from ERP, create accounting schedules based on the configured revenue policies, and then publish the data back to ERP General Ledger.
1. Configure
RevSym needs to be configured to automate the Revenue Policies. Our Implementation Team guides the Revenue Accounting team throughout the process.
2. Collect
RESTful API's are provided to pull data from ERP's and applications like CallidusCloud.
3. Revenue Accounting
The software generates Accounting schedules and entries. The revenue team can review the revenue contracts, edit start/end dates, place deals on hold, and monitor the exception scenarios. The tool maintains a detailed audit trail of all manual and system operations.
4. Publish
Journal entries are published to ERP General Ledger using RESTful API's.
  • Dual accounting to support transition to ASC 606     
  • Real-time reporting and real-time forecasting          
  • A rich set of features to provide complete automation
  • A software that can scale multiple revenue models     
  • Fast Revenue Close cycle by eliminating manual calculations

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