Benefits by Role
RevSym will improve the efficiency across your Finance organization.


RevSym offers CFO’s a tool to be compliant and improve the accuracy of financial reporting.
  • CFO’s are looking for a very robust application that provides end to end automation.
  • A system that can be trusted and that provides deep insight.
  • Provide accurate, timely, actionable information that can help provide input into the company’s strategic direction.
  • Ensure that Business decisions are grounded on solid financial basis.
  • A software that is compliant with FASB regulations. We stay on top of the Guidance changes and work with our accounting partners and share the best practices with our customers.

Revenue Accounting

Revenue team can now spend more time analyzing deals rather than manually calculating revenue numbers.
  • Revenue team needs an application to improve efficiency.
  • Transparency on how Revenue Policies are affecting the Rev Rec.
  • Analyze the impact of Additional discounts and non-standard terms on orders and contracts.
  • Eliminates the need of excel sheets for manual calculation. The month-end process hence becomes very efficient.
  • Simplify the Contract review process.
  • SOX process becomes more efficient.
  • Shrink the Revenue close cycle


Forecasting based on Backlog revenue and CRM Opportunities is very important to provide the right guidance to the investors.
  • FP&A team needs a robust application for forecasting needs.
  • Quarterly support of 10K/10Q and disclosure process is easier
    with out-of-box Disclosure reports
  • Helps to improve the Forecast accuracy.
  • Easy to perform quarterly reconciliation of forecast revenue to actual revenue.
  • A unified view of data.


The Sales team gets a Rev Rec picture on every opportunity in CRM and it can now work with various teams to decide the discounting strategy. This avoids downstream surprises.
  • Sales team gets complete visibility of Rev Rec at Deal level
  • Deal Modelling capability allows the Sales team to structure Deals efficiently.
  • Get insights on the commissions.


RevSym accelerates the Audit process by providing detailed history on every revenue contract. 
  • Revenue team needs clear visibility to answer auditors.
  • Clear visibility on how changes to the Revenue Policies affect the Revenue Contracts.
  • SOX process becomes more efficient.
  • Establish proper controls to handle non-standard terms and other manual processes


RevSym enables the IT team to be a partner to their Revenue Accounting team.
  • IT needs an application which is easy to integrate.
  • RESTful API’s make real-time integration possible.
  • Quarter-end support is efficient due to a robust Exception Management system.
  • The product is scalable and can handle new Business Models with simple configurations.
  • Handle growing data volume.

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